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Pumpkin Pie

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70 Minutes

Preparation Time

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55 Minutes

Cooking Time

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You will need

  • MILKMAID 1 small tin
  • Pumpkin 425g
  • Eggs 2
  • Cinnamon (ground) 1 tsp.
  • Ginger (ground) 1/2 tsp.
  • Nutmeg (ground) 1/2 tsp.
  • Salt 1/2 tsp.
  • Crust
  • Flour 150g
  • Margarine 100g
  • Egg 1

Nutritional Information

  • Energy 318.1 kcal
  • Carbohydrate 44.0 g
  • Protein 9.0 g
  • Fat 17.4 g

Let’s make it

Step 1
In a bowl, beat the butter and sugar. Add eggs to the mixture. Finally add flour and knead and thin out on a round baking tray.
Step 2
Whisk pumpkin, MILKMAID, eggs, spices and salt in a bowl until smooth. Pour into crust. Bake for 15 minutes at 425*F.
Step 3
Reduce oven temperature to 350*F and continue baking for 40 minutes. Cool and garnish as desired. Store leftovers wrapped in refrigerator.

Nutritional Facts

Pumpkin is an extremely nutrient dense food, it is packed with vitamins especially Vitamin A and C and minerals such as potassium. It is also low in calories.

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