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Creating happiness for over hundreds of years

While Nestlé MILKMAID’s sweet relationship with Sri Lanka is just over a 100 years young, the beginnings of this historic brand can be traced back all the way to 1866 when George Ham Page from Dixon, Illinois (USA) and his brother Charles, who was the US vice-consul and commercial attaché in Zurich, created a company to produce and export sweetened condensed milk in Cham (ZG): known as the Anglo-Swiss Condensed Milk Company. The Anglo-Swiss was the first condensed milk company settled in Europe. The new and modern company's aim was export of milk products in Europe and overseas.

One of its most famous brands would be known the world over as MILKMAID. The logo depicted a traditional representation of a Milkmaid carrying milk buckets. The word Milkmaid was translated in the language of the country where Anglo-Swiss' milk was sold (La Laitière, La Lechera, Die Milchmädchen…) In 1905, the Anglo-Swiss Condensed Milk Company, merged with Henri Nestlé S.A., Vevey.1 Henceforth, MILKMAID was renamed as Nestlé MILKMAID.

Create Sweet Moments with MILKMAID

MILKMAID has been a household favourite in Sri Lanka for over 100 years and is synonymous with mouthwatering desserts, and is made with Sri Lanka’s finest fresh milk. Every day, thousands of housewives across the country make delicious desserts quickly and conveniently with MILKMAID much to the delight and applause of their family and friends!

Used as an ingredient for countless desserts, beverages and toppings, the rich and creamy taste of MILKMAID guarantees that your desserts will turn out great EVERY TIME!

Uplifting the livelihood of thousands of dairy farmers every day across Sri Lanka

As one of Sri Lanka’s largest private sector milk collectors Nestle Sri Lanka play a big role in helping the development of the local dairy industry and production of local fresh milk.

Given Sri Lanka's dairy industry is still at an emerging state we at Nestle have been working with the government and farmers to promote good dairy farming practices. At Nestle we assist farmers by providing necessary equipment, medicine, subsidies, and micro-financing assistance to develop their farms. Our aim is to not only to increase the supply and quality of milk but also to provide local farmers a livelihood that is profitable and sustainable.

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