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Chocolate Cheesecake

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25 Minutes

Preparation Time

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4 Hours

Cooling Time

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You will need

  • MILKMAID 1 Small tin
  • Sweet biscuits (crushed) 250g
  • Butter (melted) 100g
  • Cream cheese (softened) 250g
  • Thickened cream 250ml
  • Dark rum or coffee 60ml
  • Milk cooking chocolate (melted) 200g
  • Dark cooking chocolate (melted) 200g

Let’s make it

Step 1
Grease and line a pan with baking paper.
Step 2
In a bowl, combine biscuits and butter, press firmly into the base of prepared cake pan and refrigerate.
Step 3
Beat cream cheese and MILKMAID until smooth; add cream and rum or coffee (if desired)
Step 4
Slowly add milk chocolate and dark chocolate, mix until well combined.
Step 5
Pour into the prepared cake pan and refrigerate for 2-4 hours or until set.

Nutritional Facts

Cream cheese is a rich source of fats and cholesterol – be mindful about the portion size!


Really love this one

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