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MILKMAID Mixed Fruit Charlotte

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30 Minutes

Preparation Time

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0 Minutes

Cooking Time

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You will need

  • Apples 4
  • MILKMAID 150g
  • Egg Yolks 4
  • Sugar 60g
  • Sponge Cake
  • Eggs 5
  • Cream 3 cups
  • Fruit Juice 210g
  • Dessert Spoons Corn flour 2
  • Icing Sugar 120g
  • Cherries 120g
  • Cashew nuts 90g
  • Sultanas 90g
  • Almond Essence
  • Brandy

Let’s make it

Step 1
Puree the apples. Mix with MILKMAID and bring to boil
Step 2
Whisk egg yolks and sugar well
Step 3
Pour boiled milk mixture into this and stir well
Step 4
Cook over gentle heat till the custard coats the wooden spoon and take off the fire and set aside
Cream: Whipped Cream and Icing sugar
Step 1
Chop cherries, Cashew nuts, sultanas and flavor with almond essence and brandy
Step 2
Dissolve corn flour in fruit juice and boil, cool and add this to the whipped cream and mix well
Step 3
Mix the prepared custard with this
Step 1
Cut two rounds and a strip out of the sponge cake
Step 2
Place a round sponge cake at the bottom of a pudding bowl
Step 3
Place the strip cut out of the sponge cake around the sides of the bowl
Step 4
Pour half the custard, scattering the dry fruits
Step 5
Pour remaining custard over it and top with the other sponge cake and decorate


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