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Carrot Shake


10 Minutes

Preparation Time

10 Minutes

Cooling Time



You will need

  • MILKMAID ½ small tin
  • Carrot 250g
  • Milk 200ml
  • Crushed Ice 2 cups
  • Lemon Juice 2 tsp
  • Yoghurt 80g

Nutritional Information

  • Energy : 270 kcal
  • Carbohydrate : 49 g
  • Protein : 20 g
  • Fat : 20 g

Let’s make it

Step 1
Peel the carrot and cut into small pieces.
Step 2
Blend the milk, carrot, MILKMAID, crushed ice, yoghurt and lemon juice in a blender until smooth.

Nutritional Facts

Carrots are packed with Vitamin A which are great to enhance your eye-sight. They are also rich in fiber, Vitamin K and other essential vitamins and minerals.