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MILKMAID Rava Semolina Laddoo


15 Minutes

Preparation Time

15 Minutes

Cooking Time



You will need

  • MILKMAID 150g
  • Semolina 200g
  • Desiccated coconut 50g
  • Ghee 6tbs
  • Cardamom 1tsp
  • Raisin 15g
  • Cashew 20g

Let’s make it

Step 1
Add semolina and desiccated coconut in to a pan and toss it until lightly golden brown . Set it aside and allow it cool .
Step 2
In a separate pan add ghee and fry the Cashew , raisins and cardamom.
Step 3
Add this ghee mixture in to the semolina mixture and mix it well . Next, add MILKMAID and mix it until well incorporated.
Step 4
Make laddoos out of this mixture and serve