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Sky Jello with fluffy clouds


10 Minutes

Preparation Time

10 Minutes

Cooking Time



You will need

  • Blueberry Jelly 100g
  • Water 500ml (to prepare Blueberry Jelly)
  • Gelatin 10g (mix with 30ml of water)
  • Milkmaid Small Tin 1
  • Water 400ml

Let’s make it

Step 1
In a bowl, add blueberry jelly and hot water (500ml). Stir well. Let it cool down.
Step 2
Place the blueberry jelly in the refrigerator until it fully sets for 2-4 hours
Step 3
Take a pan and heat it. Then add Milkmaid, water, gelatin and stir well.
Step 4
Pour the above Milkmaid mixture into a separate bowl and let it cool down. Refrigerate for 2-4 hours
Step 5
Take the refrigerated blueberry jelly and break it into small pieces.
Step 6
Finally, take a desired glass and decorate it as shown in the video or per your preference before serving it.


Good Recipe


Beautiful colour combination. Love this recipe ..💙💭


very fancy dessert idea.


thank you milkmaid for this amazing ideas . once you tried and never go back to boring jelly dessert dessert


Delicious but very easy pudding