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Christmas Jellies

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25 Minutes

Preparation Time

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8 Hour

Cooking Time

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You will need

  • MILKMAID 390g
  • Green colored jelly 1 pack
  • Red colored jelly 1 pack
  • Cold water 250ml
  • Gelatin 2 tbsp
  • Boiling water 250ml

Let’s make it

Step 1
Take a bowl, add 2 tbsp of gelatin, 250ml of cold water, mix well and set aside.
Step 2
Make the red-colored jelly and green-colored jelly in two separate bowls. Place the bowls in the fridge until fully set.
Step 3
Add 250ml of boiling water to the gelatin mixture and mix well.
Step 4
Add 390g of MILKMAID and mix well. Let it cool down to the room temperature.
Step 5
Once the Jelly has set, cut the jelly into cubes and arrange in serving containers. Pour the MILKMAID mixture letting some of the cubes peak out at the top.
Step 6
Keep the Christmas Jellies chill in a refrigerator until completely set. Serve cold.


Best n very much eye catching dessert...


One of the colorful dessert on the Christmas eve. super tasty.

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