bestweb award

The perfect way to satisfy
those weekend cravings

Easy to make & easy to satisfy!

This Nutty delicacy is sure
to leave you craving for more

Give your tastebuds a treat
with these heavenly cookies

Looks like a rainbow and
tastes like heaven

A divine sweet treat
you’re going to love!


MILKMAID Butter Cake

45MIN 10

MILKMAID Banana Bread

30MIN 12

Coconut cake

30MIN 15

MILKMAID Rich coconut fruit cake

40MIN 12

MILKMAID Fruitcake with Chocolate Topping

60MIN 10

Orange Ginger Tea Cake

30MIN 15

Chocolate Chip Muffins

60MIN 15

Tropical Gateau

30MIN 10

Fruit Cup Cake

60MIN 30