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MILKMAID Jam Rolled Ice cream

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60 Minutes

Preparation Time

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6 Hours

Cooling Time

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You will need

  • For the Sponge cake:
  • Eggs 3
  • Flour 40g
  • Sugar 40g
  • Filling:
  • MILKMAID 1 Small Tin
  • Heavy Cream 2 Cups
  • Peanut Butter ¾ Cup
  • Strawberry Jam ½ Cup
  • Chopped peanuts and diced strawberries for topping

Let’s make it

Step 1
Beat sugar & eggs until white and firm. Add flour to the mixture and fold.
Step 2
Grease a baking tray and pour the cake mixture. Bake at 180°c for 5 - 8 minutes.
Step 1
Add MILKMAID, heavy cream and peanut butter to a blender. Blend on high speed for about 5 seconds until combined.
Step 2
Spread strawberry jam on top of the sponge cake. Pour the cream mixture onto it. Use a toothpick to swirl the peanut butter. Roll the cake like a Swiss roll cake.
Step 3
Store in freezer for about 30 minutes until firm, cut and dip into dark chocolate. Place each piece into a bowl and top with chopped peanuts and diced strawberries.


Soooooo Delicious... An Excellent Recipe ... ?❤️ Milkmaid ❤?


Yummy.A must try one.




Love this recipe... Great.... Made it perfect...❤️❤️❤️ Milkmaid


My favorite. I love it!

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